1/2 kneeling and standing psoas stretch

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How to ACTUALLY stretch your hip flexor

There are a bunch of ways that people THINK they are stretching their hip flexors. We’ve seen it all, the “couch” stretch, the “samson” stretch, the pigeon pose. The truth is most of these aren’t going to get to your main hip flexor, the psoas. Some of the things we see aren’t even the right motion for stretching your hip flexors.

To stretch a muscle, you have to do the opposite of the action that muscle performs, without limiting it by stressing other structures.
Example: The couch stretch. That places a hard emphasis on the rectus femoris (a quadriceps muscle) because it flexes the knee. It also is commonly performed with a low back (lumbar) extension compensation. There is no way this can stress the psoas into a strech because the rectus femoris is so highly biased.

This half kneeling stretch we like best, but is your RF is too restricted, you still won’t get into a good psoas stretch. If you don’t feel it near the groin or high in the thigh, try the standing version.

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