Do you have Scapular Dyskinesis?

This is a video📹 of patient on his first visit who presented with restricted range of motion, pain, and difficulty with elevating his arm. His symptoms came on after an increase in playing baseball ⚾ and overhead activity. He had some rotator cuff iritabililty and bicep tendon 💪pain.

🚧Scapular dyskinesis🚧 (which may also be referred to as SICK scapula syndrome) is an alteration or deviation in the normal resting or active position of the scapula during shoulder movement.

You can see here that he has a more prominent medial border of his right shoulder blade, especially towards the bottom. When he begins to abduct his arms, the shoulder blades inappropriately retract➡️⬅️, and prevent protraction↔️ and proper scapular mechanics.

When he returns from abduction to neutral, his shoulder blade “wings” 🦅or pops out away from the rib cage, and downwardly rotates much more than his other side.

Within 3 visits, this had normalized, and before visit 6, he was back out on the diamond without pain.

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