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HPP 54: Treat your own knee pain. Part 1

HPP 54: Treat your own knee pain, part 1
If you have pain 😬or uncomfortable pressure in your knees when squatting, use these tips to help put that fire out.

When you've been using your quadriceps and/or squatting a lot, but neglecting to perform regular athletic maintenance on them.

The quadriceps can become stiff and taut, resulting in an increase in compressive forces throughout the knee (patellofemoral) joint.

This pressure increased when you squat and might be the reason you're experiencing these sensations.

MOVE Athletics 3-step process
We use a personalized 1:1 approach to
1. Relieve your pain
2. Identify and address the underlying root cause
3. Give you tools to stay pain free long term.

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