HPP 52: Treat your own hip pain 2/3

Do you have pain or pinching in the front of your hip when you squat?

Does your hip hurt when you’ve been jumping or running?

If so, this 3 part mini-series is for you!

Your hip is a “ball in socket” joint. It needs to sit centered and have the full range of motion in order to prevent the thigh bone (femur) from running into the hip bone (acetabulum).

The pinching you feel is literally what if feels like, soft tissues (likely your labrum) getting pinched between two hard tissues (bones).

This can usually be alleviated if we open up the restricted range of motion, and get all of the muscles working properly (and strong! 💪).

👋Tag a friend and let us know how it works out for you below. 👇🏻

MOVE Athletics 3-step process We use a personalized 1:1 approach to

1. Relieve your pain
2. Identify and address the underlying root cause
3. Give you tools to stay pain-free long term.

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