HPP 56: Treat your own knee pain 3/3


Do we roll it? NO.

Why not?! My Coach/trainer/therapist TOLD me I should!

Well, we know that it take 9,000 Newtons (about 2,000 lbs) of force to deform the IT band of a cadaver (dead tissue) even 1%.

Your tissues aren’t dead, which means they’re likely much more resilient .

It is likely that all the discomfort you experience is because you’re rolling the biggest of the quadriceps, the vastus lateralis. – Stop doing the same things that millions of people report as NOT HELPFUL.

Stretch your glute max (we tell you why in the video), and start fixing your poor movement patterns and muscle substitutions (listen to the video to find out more).

The MOVE Athletics 3-step process.. We use a personalized 1:1 approach to

1. Relieve your pain
2. Identify and address the underlying root cause
3. Give you tools to stay pain free long term. ‘

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