Kipping HSPU

Exercise Spotlight

Stop hurting your neck with HSPU

If you’re constantly leaning your butt on the wall with kipping HSPU, you’re biasing your weight towards your neck. Here is a quick tutorial on improving your kipping HSPU.

1) Make sure you’re making a triangle between your head and hands, not a straight line.
2) Keep your butt on and your belly on at the top..keep your abs engaged throughout the entire movement
3) Bring your knees wide, out over the elbows. This will put the weight into your hands and arms to stabilize you better….and relieve some weight bearing from the neck.
4) Make sure you get your knees below the hips (full squat position) to get maximal mip drive and move your center of mass up, instead of just kicking your legs.
5) Did we mention keeping your core engaged the entire time.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes in a comment below!

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