Founded by a physical therapist with knowledge and experience in CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strength and Conditioning;
we MOVE beyond just the quick fix, taking the time to perform a thorough evaluation and movement assessment to determine the underlying dysfunctions that lead to injury- not just what structure is causing you pain.

This allows us to give you the tools to enhance your bodies performance and correct the issue so it never returns.

At MOVE Athletics, you will always spend 100% of your time with your Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our standard is a 1:1 ratio of patients to doctors, with highly individualized patient care, unlike the traditional insurance based model, where it is typically a 4:1 (or more!) ratio.

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, which has begun to reimburse less and less, we are out of network with all insurance companies.

This model allows our practitioners to focus on quality patient care and YOUR needs and goals without being dictated by insurance rules and regulations.

This also allows for transparency of pricing. You will never receive a bill from us weeks or months after a treatment session.

Here at MOVE, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means that we would much rather focus on pre-screening, prevention, and diagnosis of impairments as well as maintenance of general health and wellness, rather than be reactive to injury.

Our goal is to make physical therapy accessible and approachable to the community by becoming the leading providers of choice by bridging the gap between injury prevention, movement optimization, rehabilitative and wellness services, and athletics  

Whether you are an athlete progressing towards peak performance, or simply want to eliminate a nagging pain so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle once again, MOVE is here to help you return to pain-free movement, optimize your body’s movement and performance, and smash your goals!

Humans are designed to MOVE, and MOVE well – as a team, we can make that happen. Are you ready to get back to the life you love?


At MOVE we promise…

  • To value your time. If your appointment is at 8 am, you are seen at 8 am. You’ll never be left in the waiting area. We respect and value your time, that's one reason why you will spend much less time in our office than a traditional physical therapy office.

  • To be 100% transparent. You will never get a surprise bill from us 3 months later, as is very common with other physical therapy practices.

  • One on one care, for the full visit, every visit. You will be taken through your unique, individualized plan of care directly by your doctor, not a rehab tech in college or front desk personnel.

  • To provide you with the understanding and education to take care of yourself. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will be there to guide you along the way, but we feel it is important for you to be have a knowledge of how to take care of yourself, without relying on others! Our patients’ active role in their plan of care is pivotal to ensuring the fastest recovery in their injury rehabilitation, prevention, and performance enhancement programs.

  • To be available for you. Have a question? Get an answer from your doctor directly.



MOVE Athletics was founded on the belief that time is the most valuable resource that we have. You’ll never get the time spent dealing with pain, missing out on activities back. You won’t get the countless hours needlessly spent at a healthcare practitioner’s office back either. Healthcare quality is at an all time low. You deserve more than an overloaded doctor with 3+ other patients in an hour.

Our Mission is to empower our patients with the tools and knowledge they need to live a high performance, pain free life. If you like to do CrossFit, we'll help you stay healthy while you train. If you love golf, we'll get you back on the course, keep you there, AND help you improve your performance. If you're a runner and have aspirations of doing your first half marathon, we'll help you accomplish that goal!

Our Vision is to bridge the gap between rehab and athletics, to be a resource for our community, as well as coaches, athletes, and trainers around the globe


Grit: We are committed to delivering the highest quality care, advocating for our patients, and accomplishing our goals no matter what obstacles may                          be present, nor how daunting the task may seem.
Integrity: We value doing the right thing, being honest, and having strong moral principle in every situation.

Transparency: We will always be open, honest, and communicate clearly in all aspects of our interactions.

Physical Activity: We practice what we preach, and lead by example. We regularly participate in our preferred style of exercise and physical activity.