You don’t have to stop doing the things you love. No matter who told you that.

Performance physical therapy for active lifestyles

Injuries Suck: Your comeback doesn’t have to.

Pain isn’t the only thing you’re dealing with. When you get injured, your mental health takes a hit, too.  Your doctor tells you you can’t run, going to the gym just hurts, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to just enjoy life again.

The answer is yes. Stopping is not an option.

That’s where performance physical therapy at MOVE comes in. You’ve got a game to win.

Your 3 Step Process

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Step 1: Hop on a FREE phone consult

This is where it starts. This is a totally noncommittal vent sesh where we take 15-20 minutes to listen to what's going on, what you’ve tried, and how this is affecting your life so we can understand your situation.


Step 2: Find your expert

Determine who your expert is based on what you’re dealing with and what your goals are. Once we match you with YOUR expert, you go through the most in-depth assessment you’ve ever had. Here, we deal with more than just the symptoms. We identify the root cause, and develop a plan so you never have to deal with this again.

hard part

Step 3: The hard part is over

You’ve booked your phone consultation and you’re matched with your performance therapy expert. Together, you’ll follow the plan to crush your goals…and then you’ll set bigger ones.

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Don't Settle for a Less Active Lifestyle

Whether it’s keeping up with the kids, hiking, playing a round of golf - you deserve to do it all, pain-free.

With performance therapy at MOVE, we get residents of West Springfield and surrounding areas back to what they love, pain-free, even if they’ve tried everything.

How we do it


Performance Physical Therapy

Personal 1:1 session like you’ve never had before. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy get you out of pain through a combination of education, manual therapy, dry needling, and hard work in the gym. We don’t just put a band-aid on your injury, we fix the root cause of it. We guide you step by step back to lifting, running, and jumping without limitations or pain.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Don’t worry, this is performance based too. Our Pelvic Health Physical Therapy will alleviate your symptoms through education, manual therapy, and then hard work in the gym. We move beyond just table or bodyweight exercises; we guide you step by step back to lifting, running, and jumping without limitations or symptoms. Dudes this means you, too.


MOVE Virtual

Not near West Springfield?  Not a problem.  We’ve fine-tuned our virtual offerings that include personalized zoom PT and fitness sessions, online coaching, and exercise routines delivered through a mobile app.  Now you have no excuse.

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We have helped hundreds of West Springfield residents, New Englanders, and people all over the world move pain-free and start enjoying their active lifestyle again.  We not only care about your injury, but we care about you.

Our process is simple.  Book your free phone consultation with the team, get matched up with the best expert for you, and create a customized rehab and training plan with a West Springfield Physical Therapist that fits your needs. The rest is simple — execute the plan as a team, and live out whatever it is you love to do.  

With Performance Physical Therapy at MOVE, never have confusion about what you should or should not be doing.  Receive updated custom exercise videos weekly after each appointment, delivered through our mobile app. Have questions along the way? Your Performance Therapist is here to help. Enjoy 24/7 direct communication access to your clinician if anything comes up. 

Go from being a frustrated, confused, and painful mover to a confident athlete who can enjoy whatever activities life brings. Never give up doing what you love, fear injury, or have frustration from poor communication or a generic rehab program.

Be reunited with the activity you love and gain the ability to push and perform better than you ever have before.  Never have self-doubt of re-injury or not being able to move when you’re 80…You’ve got a game to win!

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See what we’re all about.

Check out our Physical Therapy space in West Springfield, and see how we do things.

Not only are we West Springfield and Western Mass’ best, but we like to have some fun as well.

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