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Roger Bio

Dr. Roger St. Onge

Professional Design

Dr. Roger St. Onge is an educator, coach, and Dr. of Physical Therapy. He was awarded Business West 40 Under Forty class of 2022 as the founder of MOVE Athletics.

While enlisted as active duty in the Marine Corps, he stumbled upon CrossFit. This started his journey to becoming a physical therapist. While he was still on active duty, he began to use the CrossFit methodology to motivate and help his fellow Marines meet and exceed their physical fitness standards.  Upon receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to his home state and immediately began coaching CrossFit at a local box.​ 

 Here his interest in physical therapy began to pique, as he noticed most medical professionals (many of which did not live an active lifestyle) advising athletes to stop their active lifestyle in order to avoid their pain, rather than addressing the underlying dysfunction that is the cause of their pain. He developed a unique interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation through movement quality.

Over the last several years he has worked to amass a trustworthy team of the best Performance  Doctors of Physical Therapy (and administrative personnel!) that lift, live a fitness forward life, and lead by example; who understand that rehab IS training, and vice versa. Not an easy task, when you take into consideration that Doc Rog feels strongly that 80-90% of orthopedic physical therapy is either useless or even harmful. You can find Doc Rog working hard to ensure that his team and each MOVE client is supported in every aspect needed to accomplish their goals… even when they’ve tried everything else.

Caitlin Bio

Dr. Caitlin Vela
Co-Owner, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Dr. Caitlin Vela is a transplant from Texas, but grew up in Kentucky. She didn’t decide on being a Doctor of Physical Therapy until after undergraduate studies, so she moved across the country with her dog in pursuit of self growth and learning to start the journey to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Through her extensive athletic background in National Physique Committee and Naturally Fit Federation competitive bodybuilding, Marathon and Ultra racing, competitive golfing (she went to school on a golf scholarship), collegiate cheerleader, and dance enthusiast she fell in love with helping athletes perform and stay pain free.

Currently, Dr. Caitlin stays fit through Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, and running.

While reflecting on her athletic career through the lens of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she realized how many of athletes she knew who had pain and other issues stemming from pelvic floor dysfunction that were never addressed, leaving them unable to enjoy life to its fullest. This drove her passion to help this underserved population, leading her to start and grow her own Pelvic Health focused clinic, Forged Physical Therapy and Performance, in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Caitlin comes to move after deciding it was time for the next chapter in her life. MOVE's mission and values resonated with her and aligned with her personal mission and values.

Dr. Caitlin’s unique ability to blend her experience as an athlete and her strength and conditioning background with her doctorate level training in rehabilitation of injuries and Pelvic Floor expertise allows her to help clients in every stage of the rehab and prehab process; from any stage of recovery…to all the way deep into their training goals. This makes her a game-changing clinician for pelvic rehab and recovery.

Sherrie bio

Sherrie King
Virtual Intake Coordinator

Sherrie is MOVE’s Virtual Intake Coordinator, making sure we are the right fit to help everyone who walks through our doors crush their goals.   You’ll likely have your first point of contact with her on your free discovery call where she will make sure we have a full understanding of your situation, how it's affecting you, and your goals...BEFORE you ever even step foot in our doors.

Sherrie has a background in CrossFit, takes spin classes with her wife, and has taken an interest in Pickleball.

When she's not busy with her in-home dog training business, PeKing's Paws or finding and training service dogs for veterans for Train A Dog, Save A Warrior (TADSAW), you can catch her hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

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  • Roger St. Onge,  Move Athletics Physical Therapy, West Springfield, MA
  • Roger St. Onge,  Move Athletics Physical Therapy, West Springfield, MA
  • Roger St. Onge,  Move Athletics Physical Therapy, West Springfield, MA
  • Roger St. Onge,  Move Athletics Physical Therapy, West Springfield, MA
  • Roger St. Onge,  Move Athletics Physical Therapy, West Springfield, MA

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