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Performance Physical Therapy in West Springfield

Don't miss out on LIVING

Our West Springfield Physical Therapists are unmatched. They’re here to take the frustration out of your pain and put a permanent end to it as you continue to do what you love.

  • Our whole team leads by example, living active lifestyles.

  • We exclusively focus on helping people with active lifestyles.

  • We put you in control by teaching you how to take care of yourself.
West Springfield Physical Therapy

It’s frustrating when you’re in pain and can’t do what you want, especially when you don’t feel in control. With Performance Physical Therapy at MOVE, we put you in the driver's seat and give you your active lifestyle back by eliminating pain, no matter what you want to do.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You avoid the gym because you know you’ll be in pain later.

  • By the end of the workday, your back is killing you.

  • Your skiing season’s cut short because of your nagging knee.

  • Chasing the kids around hurts.

  • Your social life is suffering because you haven’t been to your run group in months.

  • Everytime you pick up a racket, your elbow hurts.

  • You canceled your group fitness class membership because of your achy shoulder.
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You’re 3 Steps Away From Being Pain-Free


Create the plan

You’re in pain and don’t know how to get back to life without it. That’s frustrating.  On day 1, you and your Physical Therapist will create a plan to get your life back as soon as possible.  You’ll figure out the root cause of your pain, and understand how you're going to get your life back without limitations or pain.


Execute the plan

Your Physical Therapist will guide you step by step through the plan to take you from where you are now,  to where you want to be. PT is a combination of manual therapy, dry needling, and hard work in the gym. You’re in the driver's seat.

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Set bigger goals

It’s time to redefine what you thought was possible. Throughout your Physical Therapy journey, you’ll be given the skills to maximize your movement. You’ll learn when to push, and what to do if things start to fall apart so you can keep doing the impossible. Plus, we’re always here for a tune-up if you need it.

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What You Get With Performance Physical Therapy

We use the newest and most advanced approaches to not only evaluate, treat, and get you out of pain faster; but also get you stronger and better than ever before. 

We have a full gym and your Physical Therapy looks a lot like a training session. Make sure you bring your gym clothes and come ready to MOVE!

1-on-1 Sessions

All our Physical Therapy sessions are 1 hour, 1-on-1 with your personal Physical Therapist so you can get the best outcome possible.



You’ll learn how to take care of yourself. You’ll know symptom relieving techniques, self soft-tissue and joint mobilizations, and more to make sure you’re armed against injuries for life.


Dry Needling

All of our Physical Therapists are Dry Needling trained — never tried it? You’re going to want to.


A program designed for YOU!

Your situation and goals are different from everyone else’s. Why should you follow some cookie cutter program? At MOVE, we design our treatment and performance plans based on YOU.


Take us home with you

Physical Therapy goes much further than the 1x per week session.  All of our clients receive direct communication 24/7 to their performance physical therapist, custom video homework prescription, workout modifications, and cardio routines for rehab written up by your Performance Physical Therapist, right in our mobile app.  Never go a day without knowing what your routine should look like!


A Full Picture Approach

We don’t just laser focus on your injured body part. To get you better we are addressing ALL  variables that impact your recovery; that means your sleep routine, your workouts,your stress reducing activities, and more. Our experts focus on your complete health and wellness.


The newest technology

We use the best of the best here at MOVE.  Through dry needling, blood flow restriction training, and the newest strength and conditioning research- we are always up to date on what’s best for you!



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Dry Needling Physical Therapy Springfield
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